Bio-research and animal bedding

Concern for animal comfort and a professional approach to animal housing remain the essential objectives in the bio-research industry.

S.P.P.S. has developed a complete range of absorbent beddings based on woods that are the most able to soak up liquids and odours.
Free from any chemical treatment, our
beddings are rigorously tested by a GLP laboratory.

Dust control obviously forms an integral part of our everyday production.

Our expertise  also applies in the following stages :
                    – appearance of the bedding
                    – size of the particles
                    – reduction of splinters
                    – absorbency
                    – speed of absorption
                    – autoclavable packaging

From t
he batch coded to the vacuum packed bedding, we are in the position of offering you every product that matches your expectations.

Sowood has been the animal bedding expert for over 30 years !!!

ReferenceType of bedding Particule size Packaging10kGyirradiation
Litalabo chips1,18 à 2,8 mm90 litre PP bagyes
Goldshaving/GS5 large shavings4 à 16 mm90 litre PP bagyes
Goldflake/GF5/16 small shavings1 à 4 mm90 litre PP bagyes
GoldmixLitalabo 80%
Goldflake 20%
1 à 4 mm70 litre PP bagyes
B 8/20 square chips 1,18 à 3,15 mm10 kg PP bagyes
GM12 corn-cob granules1,18 à 3,15 mm20 kg PP bagyes
PGM12 corn-cob granules1,18 à 3,15 mm12,5 kg PP bagyes
GM6 corn-cob granules1,6 à 4,0 mm20 kg litre PP bagyes

We also offer irradiated bedding especially vacuum packed for your isolators CONTACT US !