Floor absorbents

Accidents like a broken drum or a slippery or soiled surface can arise every day…


Our range of floor absorbents stand as the best cleaning and safety material.


What are you looking for?
– absorbents for oil spillage
anti slippery chips
absorbents in foodstuff industry


S.P.P.S. can meet all these demands: from dehydrated clay (sepiolite) to fireproofed wood based absorbents.
All our products are of natural origin (mineral and vegetal).


As a manufacturer, we hold 2 logistic platforms in Greater Paris and in Lyon area.
Wether you are a retailer or a wholesaler we would be delighted to send you a brochure as well as a quotation for our absorbent products.


The distributors selling our absorbents also offer various products such as:
– drying cloths and rollers
– cleaning products
– chemicals and solvents
– car parts
– industrial lubricants
– professional supplies and equipment


Our range of absorbents

ReferenceOriginAspectPackagingSpecial feature
PYROSOLSvegetalgrains45 litresStrong absorbtion - Flame-retardant
ASEPTISOLSvegetalgrains30 litresSpecial food stores
CALCISOLSmineralgrains40 litresCalcined at 850°C
SEPIOSOLSmineralpellets30 litres Good performance with oils
ALGOSOLSmineralgrains25 litresNeutralizes acides
If you want to extend your product range and offer absorbents to your customers here to contact us !