Surface treatment

In the trades of stamping and manufacture of metal parts (screws, bolts, etc.) and other fasteners, the drying and polishing stage requires the use of absorbent and abrasive pellets.

According to the equipment used for drying (barrel or vibrator), the size of the parts to be treated and the treatment to be performed, we offer three kinds of vegetable shot:

– sawdust grains
– corn cob pellets
– fruit husk pellets

The absorption of oils, greases and dust is still the main use of sawdust and corn cob. The density and absence of dust of corn-cob pellets make them ideal for use in vibro-abrasive finishing (vibrators).
Their strong power of absorption further enables up to five vibrator passes.
Fruit husk pellets have abrasive characteristics and are valued for deburring parts as well as for descaling boilers.

References of our surface treatment products

ReferenceType of productAspectParticule sizePackaging
S 12spruce sawdustgrains+fibres1,2 à 2,8 mm110 litre bag
S 16spruce sawdustgrains+fibres0,9 à 1,6 mm110 litre bag
S 25spruce sawdustgrains+fibres0,75 à 0,9 mm110 litre bag
GM 6 corn cob round pellets3,15 à 4,5 mmsac de 20 kg
GM 8 corn cob round pellets2 à 4 mm20 kg bag
GM 12 corn cob round pellets1,2 à 3,15 mm20 kg bag
GM 16 corn cob round pellets0,75 à 1,6 mm20 kg bag
GM 20 corn cob round grains0,5 à 1,18 mm20 kg bag
GM 30 corn cob round grains0,35 à 0,75 mm20 kg bag
NOL 12 fruit husk round grains1 à 1,7 mm25 kg bag
NOL 16 fruit husk round grains0,75 à 1,3 mm25 kg bag
NOL 20 fruit husk round grains0,45 à 1 mm25 kg bag